The default method for collecting payments from deadbeat patients is to hire a debt collection agency. However, debt collection agencies do not provide competent ways to collect payments from patients. Medical labs and clinics do not receive much payment collections from these agencies. 

Basically, there aren’t any really good solutions for getting payments from deadbeat patients. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of clinics and labs using online payment portals for patients. This payment model has been very successful that Manny studies have concluded that clinics and labs receive on average an increase of 30-50% in their revenue streams. 

Zollect’s PayNow Service is the leading company in the online payment portal industry. It provides labs, clinics, and providers an online automatic payment option in the form of an app that patients use to pay their bills. In return, Zollect takes a very tiny percentage out of every amount collected. This model has so far been the most successful in terms of collecting payments from patients.

If you’re a medical lab, clinic, and/or healthcare provider and you’re interested in collecting payments from patients you are not able to collect from, please click here or visit our website and sign up for a quick demo at zollect.com/patient-payment-services

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