The reason why most patients are not paying you is not because of what you think. You probably think it’s because of lack of money. But that is the farthest thing from the truth. The reason why patients do not pay you is because of many factors like procrastination, laziness, lack of knowledge of any medical bills, insurance problems..etc.

Fortunately, a new revolutionary technology has been able to eliminate those reasons listed above so that the majority of patients pay you. The online payment portal offered by Zollect’s new service, PayNow, erases procrastination as it is online and provides easily available knowledge to the patient. What we’ve seen is that medical labs signed up with us have received 70% more revenue on average after signing up with us. 

Medical labs and clinics have been shutting down throughout USA because most patients were not paying their bills. Therefore, most clinics were not able to withstand the financial costs needed to continue their practice. Moreover, debt collection agencies proved to be a very ineffective model as these agencies were threatening the patients and no one likes to pay a person who threatens them as was proven in recent decades.

If you’re interested, kindly visit our website for a quick free demo at zollect.com/patient-payment-services

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