According to Med Data, 68% of patients fail to pay their medical bills. If you’re a medical lab, clinic, and/or hospital, you know about the problem of patients not paying their bills. This problem has caused many labs, clinics and healthcare providers going bankrupt and shutting down.

This problem has been growing rapidly since the past two decades. However, the trend has skyrocketed during COVID19 pandemic. More and more clinics and labs are shutting down due to lack of funds and patients not paying their bills.

The solution for these medical labs and clinics is to implement online payment portals for patients to pay their bills.

Here’s what online patient payment solutions will do for these medical labs and clincs:

  • Collect payments that would have otherwise not been collected.
  • Increase revenue of health care providers by about 30%
  • Induce more scientific research and advancements due to increase of funds
  • Treat more patients

Zollect’s PayNow Service has indeed done all of that for the numerous medical labs and clinics we have served.

In return, Zollect takes a very tiny percentage of the amounts collected. This makes Zollect different from other online payment portal companies as these companies take a very high percentage.

If you’re a medical lab or clinic, you can contact us at 844-908-0066, or click here for a quick free demo or visit our website at zollect.com/patient-payment-services

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