online payment gateway

This is a question that Zollect receives daily by many healthcare professionals. There are many payment options and methods that healthcare professionals provide for their patients. These include pre episode payments, post episode payments, cash on demand, credit card…etc. 

The most effective payment method is through an online payment portal. This has been proven to be the most convenient method for both the provider and the patient. The provider is able to collect the payment very easily, safely and decrease the amount of non payment bills. The patient is able to pay easily and comfortably. 

The Best Payment Method Is Online Payment Solutions

Many publications and articles have written about studies that show that third party medical billing company that offers patients online payment portals collect many bills that would have otherwise not been paid if it wasn’t for this online payment gateway. More and more medical labs and clinics are signing up with these online payment solutions to get more out of their patients.

The revenue for medical labs, clinics, hospitals and providers have quadrupled since the advent of the online payment method for patients. Patients are much more likely to pay their bills via online. If you’re a medical lab, clinic, and/or provider and would like to see your clinic expanded and collect more revenue guaranteed, please click here for more information and scheduling a free demo or visit us at zollect.com/patients-payment-services

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