Are you a medical lab, clinic, and/or medical lab that wants to see the size of your office get bigger by increasing the size of your revenue? 

If yes, then you are on the right track by reading this post. Zollect’s PayNow service is an online service that provides patients an easy to use app or online portal to pay their bills automatically. This model of collecting payments from patients have seen labs and clinics increase their revenue stream by 30%. 

The main problem that has seen many medical labs and clinics shut down across the country and file for bankruptcy has been due to lack of payments from patients. The online payment portal model ensures payments from patients. In return, Zollect takes a very tiny percentage from each payment collected. 

In the past, the traditional payment methods offered were cash on demand, post and pre episode financing. When patients fail to pay their bills, then clinics and labs would hire debt collection agencies. However, as you know, these agencies take a very large amount of money for very poor work in getting payments from patients. 

The best method for collecting payments that’s been proven is the online payment gateway for patients that’s offered by third party medical billing. If you’re a medical lab or clinic and would like to see your revenue doubled and even tripled, then click here or visit us at zollect.com/patient-payment-services 

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