Clinics and Medical labs have been turning to third party medical billing services. These services have been providing patient payment solutions much more optimal than your typical payment methods. These solutions have been much more efficient than any other method. 

The traditional payment methods like credit card billing, cash on demand, post and pre episode financing…etc. have caused many patients not to pay their bills. Either patients do not intend on paying their bills or they procrastinate on paying their bills. However, during recent years, there has been an emergent medical payment collection services that have been very efficient in collecting payment bills from patients. 

These third party medical billing services are comprised of companies that provide online payment portals for patients to pay. The model is basically as follows: The patients go to the provider and get signed up for an automatic payment plan via online as they’re receiving the treatment. This allows the provider to collect their payments very easily.

Additionally, the online payment portals work after the patient receives the treatment and still hasn’t paid the bills. Zollect’s Pay Now Service has been dealing with clinics’ patients that have not yet paid their bills. Collect contacts the patients and signs them up for this automatic payment online portal. Clinics and medical labs that have signed up with Zollect have increased their revenues by about 30%, this is revenue that would have otherwise been lost. 

If you’re interested in signing up with a third party medical billing service, visit our website zollect.com/patient-payment-services or click here

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