The number 1 secret for doubling your clinics’ size is by providing your patients with an online payment gateway, where they could easily pay their bills. This allows your patients who have outstanding medical bills to pay their bills easily and quickily. Zollect’s PayNow Service has increased the revenues of clinics and labs on average by about 100%. This means that these clinics and labs doubled their revenues and their offices as well. 

This online patient payment service offered by Zollect can also double your clinic/lab/office in a matter of days and weeks. Zollect’s PayNow Service does not take time like debt collection agencies. Not only does it not take time, but it is much more efficient and returns ROI to its clinics much better than debt collectors. 

Zollect’s PayNow Service will offer your patients online payment gateways that is very safe and easy to use. After the payments are collected, Zollect takes a very tiny percentage for the amount collected. Zollect is unique from all other competitors because Zollect takes the smallest percentage and is the most efficient. Online payment gateways have been recognized more and more these days as becoming the main dominant patient payment method that clinics and labs employ. 

If you’re a medical lab/clinic/healthcare professional and are interested in this service and want to collect your payments, you are on the right page. Kindly call us at 1-844-908-0066 and/or visit us at zollect.com/patients/payment-services for a free demo. 

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