Healthcare Industry Trends

For decades, healthcare providers invested in efficient billing practices to optimize insurance claims and ensure they are being paid for their services

With declining reimbursements and increasing deductibles, patients' growing out of pocket responsibility means increased risk for healthcare practices.

Understanding the industry trends, your patients’ behavior and putting together a plan can help improve your patient satisfaction and your practices’ financial performance

Higher Patient Satisfaction = Better Financial Results

0% Interest Payment Plans

47% of Americans go into debt to pay medical bills of $100 or more!

Zollect will provide you with a secure platform so you can start offering 0% interest payment plans to your patients.

Lower your uncollected payments and increase your patients’ satisfaction

Start Receiving Online Payments

Your patients don't want to send a check or call to make a payment. They don't have the time and your employees have so much more to do!

Provide a secure link on all your patient statements for your patients to make payments online!

Patients will access a personalized portal with your practices’ name and logo from computers, tablets and phones!

Zollect will make it easy for your patients to pay for your services and manage their payment plans online!

Free your staff’s time and start receiving payments 24/7!

Convenient Payment Reminders!

54% of patients make online payments within just 48 hours of receiving a reminder!

Zollect will send reminders to your patients via emails & text messages with a secure link to process their payments online!

Providing easy and convenient ways to pay for your services will increase your patients’ satisfaction and improve your practices’ financial performance

How It Works

1 Upload your patients statement

Upload your patients statement and enter their contact information on our HIPAA secure website

2 Unique and Secure URL

Print your unique and secure web portal link on your patients statements for easy accessibility

3 Auto Secure Online Payments

Your Patients will receive a text message and/or email with a secure link to process their payments online

4 Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly detailed reports on the status of received, pending, and aging payments specific to your patient and practice

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