No More Need For Debt Collection Agencies

The only resort that medical labs and clinics had in regards to getting their payments collected from patients was debt collection agencies. The process would be :

  1. Serving the patient.
  2. The patient receiving the bill.
  3. The patient not paying the bill.
  4. Debt Collectors would go after the patient. 

This process of payment collection has now been replaced by a much improved and more efficient model called the online patient payment collection model. The new process is:

  1. Serving the patient. 
  2. The patient receives bill. 
  3. The patient does not pay the bill.
  4. Medical lab hires third party medical bill to provide an online payment gateway to the patient to collect payment.
  5. The payment is collected in exchange for a very tiny percentage.

This entire process is so easy and quick. The medical labs and clinics have nothing to worry about. Their payments will be collected. Zollect’s PayNow Service has increased by average medical labs/clinics/providers’ revenue by about 300%. This new model for payment collection has made it so easy for the patient to follow through with their payments that both parties benefit immensely. 

If you’re a medical lab/clinic/healthcare provider and are interested in getting paid by your patients, you can call us at 1-844-908-0066 or visit our site zollect.com/patient-payment-services for a free demo. 

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