f you’re a clinic or medical lab owner, this page is very important to read. 

If your clinic or medical lab is going bankrupt, then there is a way to revive your clinic. The biggest problem that medical offices make when trying to collect deadbeat patients’ payments is hire debt collection agencies. Debt collection agencies take a very large amount of money upfront and don’t really deliver on their promises that well. 

An online payment model is the perfect solution to your problem. Online patient payment models have increased revenues for medical labs and clinics by about 200%. This means that you can now increase your lab by that much. The way this model works is very simple:

  1. The patient receives bill to pay.
  2. The patient refuses to pay the bill.
  3. The patient gets connected to an online payment gateway.
  4. The patient makes the payment easily and without hassle.

These third party medical Billings offer patients a very safe, easy, and quick way to pay their bills. Most patients end up paying their bills through this method. Zollect’s Pay Now service is the leading and dominant force in the online patient payment industry. There has never been a company serving as many patients as Zollect and getting raving reviews. One company received a 1100% ROI when signing up with us. We were able to get all the patients’ bills paid. 

f you’re a medical lab/clinic/healthcare professional and are interested in this service and want to collect your payments, you are on the right page. Kindly call us at 1-844-908-0066 and/or visit us at zollect.com/patients/payment-services for a free demo. 

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