third party medical billing

There has been a growing trend in the past several years regarding online payment portals. Many industries have used the online portal platform to collect payments. In the healthcare industry, there have been many revolutions concerning payments.

More and more medical labs, clinics, and hospitals have been implementing third party medical online payment portals for patients to pay their bills. This strategy has been so successful in collecting payments for healthcare providers. The average provider implementing that strategy has been able to increase their revenues by 30%.

Third Party Medical Billing Is the New Norm

online patient payment portal

If you’re a medical lab and healthcare provider, probably over half of your patients are not paying their bills as they should. So, you’re struggling in collecting payments. A strategy you might want to consider when it comes collecting payments is the services offered by online patient payment portals like Zollect’s Pay Now Service.

Zollect’s Pay Now service has served many labs and clinics and have increased their revenues tremendously. Zollect’s Pay Now service is unique from all other third party medical billing due to Zollect collecting a very tiny percentage from the payments collected as opposed to the other companies that collect high percentages.

If you’re a medical lab, clinic, and/or hospital, and you want to see an increase in your revenue and be able to collect payments from your patients in a systematic efficient matter, then please click here or call us at 844-908-0066 for a free demo or you can visit our website www.zollect.com/patient-payment-services

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