Less Denials. Higher Reimbursement.

Healthcare providers loose on average 15-20% of potential revenue due to leakage in their revenue cycle. More than 80% of lost revenue is due to denials, improper claim management and poor tracking.

Zollect’s proprietary AI engine, actively learns from millions of claims and applies its knowledge towards every claim your team submits.

With Zollect, your team will have recommendations to fix claims before they are submitted so you don’t get denials, get higher reimbursement and get paid faster!

The future of scrubbers today !

Unlike standard scrubbers, Zollect’s AI engine is actively learning denial patterns from different payers. Ever wondered why a “clean claim” would be reimbursed by one payer but denied by another. AI & Machine Learning Technologies enable Zollect to look beyond proper coding and missing data on a claim.

Zollect will optimize your claim submission process and provide actionable recommendations that will lower your denials rate and save on the cost of resubmitting

Zollect will monitor all submitted claims and help your billing team address any denials by prioritizing their tasks to assure all timely filling and appeals are being met

3 easy steps to start!

1. Give Zollect access to your practice management, billing software, primary and secondary clearing houses

2. Zollect will seamlessly integrate with your existing billing software to start monitoring all your claims at zero cost

3. Your billing team will apply Zollect’s recommendations on your claims to avoid denials and start collecting more

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Why Zollect?

User friendly, Web Portal

View all your submitted claims, check payment status, address denials and more through Zollect's user friendly web portal

AI rules-based Engine

With access to millions of claims, Zollect continues to build it's knowledge and apply it to your own claims. it's like 1000 billing expert at no cost!

Real-time performance analytics

Clinical and financial sides of patient care for your practice by providing real-time dashboard & analytics that reflects the true health of revenue cycle

Personalized Alerting System

Set your own alerting criteria to recieve alerts for specific CPT codes or claims with height dollar value

Seamless Integration

Don't replace your billing software, just give access to Zoey