The reason why most patients are not paying you is not because of what you think. You probably think it’s because of lack of money. But that is the farthest thing from the truth. The reason why patients do not pay you is because of many factors like procrastination, laziness, lack of knowledge of any […]

No More Need For Debt Collection Agencies The only resort that medical labs and clinics had in regards to getting their payments collected from patients was debt collection agencies. The process would be : Serving the patient. The patient receiving the bill. The patient not paying the bill. Debt Collectors would go after the patient.  […]

f you’re a clinic or medical lab owner, this page is very important to read.  If your clinic or medical lab is going bankrupt, then there is a way to revive your clinic. The biggest problem that medical offices make when trying to collect deadbeat patients’ payments is hire debt collection agencies. Debt collection agencies […]

The default method for collecting payments from deadbeat patients is to hire a debt collection agency. However, debt collection agencies do not provide competent ways to collect payments from patients. Medical labs and clinics do not receive much payment collections from these agencies.  Basically, there aren’t any really good solutions for getting payments from deadbeat […]

Clinics and Medical labs have been turning to third party medical billing services. These services have been providing patient payment solutions much more optimal than your typical payment methods. These solutions have been much more efficient than any other method.  The traditional payment methods like credit card billing, cash on demand, post and pre episode […]

This is a question that Zollect receives daily by many healthcare professionals. There are many payment options and methods that healthcare professionals provide for their patients. These include pre episode payments, post episode payments, cash on demand, credit card…etc.  The most effective payment method is through an online payment portal. This has been proven to […]

According to Med Data, 68% of patients fail to pay their medical bills. If you’re a medical lab, clinic, and/or hospital, you know about the problem of patients not paying their bills. This problem has caused many labs, clinics and healthcare providers going bankrupt and shutting down. This problem has been growing rapidly since the […]

There has been a growing trend in the past several years regarding online payment portals. Many industries have used the online portal platform to collect payments. In the healthcare industry, there have been many revolutions concerning payments. More and more medical labs, clinics, and hospitals have been implementing third party medical online payment portals for […]